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Greetings -

We all need encouragement and so many people are lonely and depressed. The photo products sold here include cards, calendars, key rings, and magnets. Some of the selections are designed especially for senior citizens and men.

Years ago, "Thank You" cards were habitually sent to extend appreciation. Currently, that's not so much a practice. Firmly, I believe that "Thank You" card extensions should continue to be a practice. Photo Flourish has some stunning photos that can be used as "Thank You" cards, as well as photo cards that have "Thank You" shown on the front covers.

Regularly, I send photo cards to people to remind them that they are loved and appreciated. The recipients have expressed joy and pleasure from the cards they've received.

Note: Some folks don't prefer e-cards. More than several people have shared with me that they prefer paper cards. One of my dear friends told me not to send him any more e-cards for his birthday. He expressed that they aren't personal.

Photo products are a great and inexpensive way to spread love and pleasure.

Please share what's available here to encourage people and to reach out to folks with weary hearts and depressed conditions. Purchase from Photo Flourish to be a blessing to others.

Also, please visit the sister site, Flourish Flavor at There you'll view the Men's Dept., Spring/Summer Favorites, and some in stock items that are available for individual purchases, rather than packaged in sets of ten.

Thank you for your care, consideration and patronage.

Note: Most of the favorite photos are shown in the tab areas located directly above this section. There is a "Thank You" card tab, as well as a tab that directs to the Men's Dept., etc.

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Copyright - S. Hicks for all photos on this blog.

Note: With the exception of identifying text (copyright information, and blog address), all photo products can be ordered without text, that is with photos only.


Greetings -

For those who are inclined to read more about my business, the website is  The blog is  Testimonials and letters of reference are posted there, as well as a copy of the "Customer Service Excellence Award" that I received from the mayor of Washington, DC.    

This blog has a large selection of photos that can be placed on cards and calendars.  Select photos can be placed on key rings, calendar magnets and photo magnets.

Also, photos can be purchased as print sizes 5" x 7" and 8" x 10".  Photo frames aren't included in the product line.

- Some brief wording can be written inside the cards.  

- A maximum of 15 words under each photo, one photo for each month, can be written on the calendars.  

- You can select what you want written inside the cards and on the calendars or you can opt for no words and have only photo placements.    

- Every photo on this blog is not available for placement on all of my product line.  The subject photos/separate tab areas will be marked accordingly. 

- Cards are available in glossy texture.

- The supplier does minimal cropping on all four sides of cards to fit the size dimensions of their templates.  The subject cropping does not compromise the integrity of the photos offered here to an extent where the photo beauty is affected.  

Note: PHOTO FLOURISH also does key rings, calendar magnets and photo magnets.  Those items have separate tabs on this blog.  Please click on those tabs to view what photos are available for calendar and photo magnets.